Healthcare Administration Degree in Wyoming

 healthcare image 1Wyoming is a bit different from other states in the US; however, its charm may lie in its uniqueness. Wyoming is the 10th largest state in the country but the least populated. Almost half the state’s land is owned by the federal government and is home to miles of beautiful forests and wildlife preserves. “The Quality State”, Wyoming’s official nickname, is also unique due to the fact that the state does not collect personal income tax from residents; a financial benefit that helps offset the lower pay in the region for some.

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Wyoming

Wyoming Accredited Healthcare Administration Schools

Wyoming has a small population and an even smaller school system, but there are programs available to learn healthcare administration. The state is near the end of the process of cleaning up its diploma mill ridden educational system, so make sure you research any institution you’re considering attending. Contact the University of Wyoming to check the overall accreditation of the school you plan on attending. Follow up this research by confirming the standing of your elected school with the North American and global organizations that regulate healthcare administration education offerings. Before you finalize your choice of school, talk to employers of firms you’d like to work for to find out what their input is about the school you plan on attending.

Wyoming Healthcare Administration Certification

Wyoming does not require all staff working in healthcare administration to become certified, but prospective long-term care and nursing home directors are required to pass a state exam. For non-executive positions, you may want to consider voluntary certification to increase your proficiency and employability throughout your career.

Wyoming Healthcare Administrators Pay Rates

Salaries in Wyoming, while still respectable, run on the low side for the state as a whole. Healthcare professionals have an average income of $69,000 annually. Wyoming’s highest paid healthcare administrators make a little over $100,000 a year. You’ll have to do some math to determine if Wyoming’s policy of not collecting personal income tax makes the numbers work for you.

Nearby States
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Healthcare administration programs are very limited due to the state’s low population. Two accredited institutions offer viable programs. They are:

• Casper College – Casper
• College America – Cheyenne

Wyoming is a very different type of area from the rest of the country. Unlike the city, it’s a very sparsely populated land, giving students and natives plenty of breathing room. If you’re passionate about wildlife and prefer nature to busy cityscapes, this natural wonderland may suit you fine.

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