Healthcare Administration Degree in Seattle, WA

healthcare image 1The field of healthcare has been on the rise for the past decades. Now, with a record number of people heading into retirement, the healthcare system is becoming overburdened and is in desperate need of qualified candidates to fill positions. Whether you’ve recently graduated from college or are looking to make a major career change, you can find accredited healthcare administration colleges in Seattle, WA.

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Seattle, WA

Healthcare Administration Certification in Seattle, WA

While the most lucrative track to take is to finish a bachelors degree, many potential students find that obtaining a certificate is a better choice for them.

The most common administration certification courses available normally concentrate on the medical billing and coding aspect of the job. Students who complete classes in coding and billing receive a certificate of achievement and are able to take the AAPC exams. AAPC, also known as the American Association of Professional Coders, is the largest organization in the United States that issues coding licenses. Obtaining this license is often essential to landing an entry level job in healthcare administration.

Salaries for Healthcare Administration Jobs in Seattle, WA

Healthcare administration is a rising career field, and those who have completed programs at a college in Seattle will garner the highest salaries.

The average starting salary for a healthcare administrator in Seattle is $44,000 per year. Those who have only finished a medical billing and coding program can expect to receive a salary of around $35,000 per year.

The most lucrative position for healthcare administrators is that of department director. A director working at a major hospital in Seattle can expect to receive a salary of about $110,000 on an annual basis.

List of Healthcare Administration Programs in Washington

Because the healthcare job market is so big in Washington, a number of reputable colleges offer programs for students coming from varied backgrounds:

Eastern Washington University– Eastern, located in Cheney, Washington, offers many affordable degree options, including a Bachelor of Arts in Health Services Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Community Health and a Certificate in Health Services Administration.

Washington State University– Located in Pullman, Washington State offers a Master of Health Policy and Administration. This program is normally chosen by current professionals looking to further their careers.

University of Washington, Seattle– The University of Washington located in Seattle offers a significant number of degree courses for students. Some of those options include a Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics and Health Information Management, a Bachelors of Science in Public Health, a Graduate Certificate in Health Management, and a Master of Health Administration.