Healthcare Administration Degree in Charlotte, NC

 healthcare image 1The demand for qualified healthcare professionals in Charlotte, North Carolina is rapidly increasing along with the aging population of the United States. Baby boomers who go through retirement are constantly looking for medical treatment and extensive care through a variety of clinics and nursing homes. Those who are looking for a rewarding career with extensive job security can find accredited healthcare administration colleges in Charlotte, NC.

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Charlotte, NC

Healthcare Administration Certification in Charlotte, NC

Whether you plan on going into medical coding and billing or strive to one day manage an entire healthcare unit at a hospital, obtaining certification is essential to finding the right job.

Medical billing and coding is an in demand healthcare field just like any other healthcare administration job. The American Association of Professional Coders is the largest licensing body in the United States for those who are seeking certification after they graduate from their respective courses. Many local colleges in Charlotte offer examination courses that can help you learn proper coding and billing techniques prior to sitting for the licensing exam.

Salaries for Healthcare Administration Jobs in Charlotte, NC

Whether you are just entering the field as a healthcare administrator or you’re curious about getting a degree, salaries for healthcare administration jobs are higher than average in Charlotte.

Entry level medical coding and billing specialists who have completed a certification course and the AAPC exam can expect to receive a salary of $36,000 per year. This number increases to $44,000 annually if you’ve obtained a Bachelor’s degree.

Becoming the health services directory of a major hospital or clinic in Charlotte might be a lucrative option, as the average salary for this position exceeds $110,000 per year.

List of Healthcare Administration Programs in North Carolina

North Carolina has experienced a large amount of growth in healthcare education in order to meet current job market demands in the state. There are a variety of programs to choose from, regardless of your budgetary needs.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte- The University of North Carolina is a public university that currently offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health and a Master of Health Administration degree. Tuition rates are comparable to those of other public universities in the state.

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences- Cabarrus College, located in Concord, North Carolina, features a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Services Leadership and Management. The program is small but popular among current students.

East Carolina University- A private college located in Greenville, North Carolina, they offer classes that lead to the completion of a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Information Management and Health Services Management.