Healthcare Administration Degree in Alabama

healthcare administration degree image 1Whether you’ve recently graduated from a high school in Alabama or you’re looking for a rewarding career that provides job security, healthcare administration is a great option. Regardless of where you live, the healthcare industry is on the rise and creating tens of thousands of new jobs every year.

You can find accredited healthcare administration colleges in Alabama that are affordable and flexible at the same time.

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Alabama

Healthcare Administration Certification in Alabama

The first step you must take towards a career in healthcare is obtaining the proper certification. A certificate lets your employer know you have the basic skills to get the job done.

For healthcare professionals, the license you need is awarded by the American Association of Professional Coders in the field of medical coding and billing. Many local colleges in Alabama and online offer great certificate courses that will help you prepare for this exam. If you decide to take bachelor’s degree classes, you’ll likely learn coding and billing procedure as part of the program itself.

Salaries for Healthcare Administration Jobs in Alabama

Due to the high demand for healthcare administrators, residents in Alabama who have just completed their degree can expect a starting salary of $41,000 per year. This average starting salary is $5,000 higher than other states with comparable cost of living numbers.

Healthcare administrative supervisors who have been working for at least three years will likely see their average salary increase to $58,000 on an annual basis. Healthcare administration directors in Alabama who work at major hospitals can expect a salary between $100,000 and $110,000 per year.

Nearby States

List of Healthcare Administration Programs in Alabama

In Alabama, online programs are just as popular as public university campuses, however, the cost associated with taking private online courses can be much higher.

Brown Mackie College– Brown Mackie College maintains a physical campus in Birmingham. They offer both an Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham– The University of Alabama is the largest public college in the state. They offer a Master’s in Health Administration and a Master’s in Public Health. They currently do not have a healthcare administration bachelor’s degree program.

Auburn University– This private university in Auburn is an affordable educational option for Alabama residents. They currently feature a Bachelor of Arts in Health Promotion and a Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration.